Director Chairs Manufacturers

The director chair series hosts our most premium chairs. The cushion foams are placed strategically on the chair to give you most comfort for hours. The leatherette upholstery gives the chairs a royal feel, which quietly lets people around know who the boss is. Every chair in this series have been handmade, and the stitching itself is hand switched by our finest artisans. These modern yet classic chairs do more than just providing a seating; it shows the transition from old times to newer times.

The design philosophy of the chair should match up with the office interior, for that we have a wide variety of office tables giving a perfect look to your cabin. Furthermore, these chairs work as a decorative piece in the office and offer a completeness to your cabin. The chair also assists you in maintaining a perfect seating posture throughout your working hours and can be adjusted according to your needs. In case you have a severe back problem, these chairs have the ideal ergonomics along with different adjustable angles to give you your sweet spot to relief your back pain. Our chair’s ergonomic design is developed with the help of years of backed up studies done at our research centre. Our unique design pattern is developed at our Greater Noida manufacturing facility.