Office Chairs

Office work hours are long and rigorous. A person on an average spends around 8-9 hours on his office chair, including 4-5 being straight hours without any break. It is essential to have a comfortable backrest on your office chair if you want to avoid back problems in the future. Our office chairs come in a wide variety of designs and material, all of which are ergonomically designed to give you full support and comfort even after hectic work hours. Our extensive range of chairs includes metal chairs, armchairs, executive chairs, reception chairs, folding chairs, rocking chairs, and even matching benches, stools, and settees.

Our manufacturing facility has the state of art machinery from Germany and Italy. Here we produce office chairs for all kinds and purposes. Some of these types include chairs with customizable height and width and chairs which allow a good amount of airflow to prevent sweating and keep your back cool during hot summer days. We also produce custom chairs as per customer’s demand. For all your office chairs and office interior needs, don’t look further and browse our Mosaic category list to explore our unique collection.

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