Storage Cabinets Manufacturers

At Mosaic Interiors, we offer all kinds of storage solutions, including file storage, wardrobes, lockers, drawers, cabinets, and book shelf. Our storage furniture cabinet for offices as well as for homes comes in a wide range of options. We all know how difficult it becomes to keep all the xxxhardcopies of the files after years of work, thus it is important to have some practical storage facility which can help you keep the file in a certain order, so that in time if you need them, you can find them easily. We have storage cabinets with different style of opening options such as sliding opening as well as drawer style openings. Our wooden storage cabinets are made of premium quality wood such as Mahogany, Teakwood, Ebony, Rosewood, mango wood, yellow pine, white pine, Blackwood, and many more. Our wooden storage furniture are coated with 3 type of chemicals which provide termite resistance, boar resistance, and water resistance. Our metal storage cabinets is made of high-tensile steel and aluminium alloy. All the products go through a stringent quality testing at our Greater Noida facility before being delivered to our clients.

Our storage furniture designs are practical as well as elegant looking. Almost all the designs we have come in customizable sizes, and colours. The images displayed are an accurate representation of our products, so you get what you selected.