Mesh Chairs

The mesh upholstery has been making the rounds ever since it came in introduction back in the 1990s. Our Mesh chair series comes in a plethora of assorted chairs, designed to give you great ergonomic comfort. Our mesh chairs are quite popular among offices, as the mesh upholstery allows the air to flow properly, which minimises the sweating and keeps the person cool. Unlike the padded chairs which go through normal wear and tear, the mesh chairs don’t face the similar problem. Adding on, the mesh upholstery is easy to replace and quite cost effective too.

Our special mesh chairs come with triple membrane mesh upholstery to provide you with proper support, enabling you to work for hours without experiencing discomfort. We only use premium quality plastic for our mesh chairs along with caster wheels for seamless mobility. In foams, we use only high-density foams to prevent the wear and tear of our office chairs. With our top of the line mesh office chairs, long life is guaranteed. Unlike others mesh chairs in the market which does not support you well, Mosaic’s mesh chairs have been designed to give you full support even after prolong hours of use.