Recliners are the dream sofa everyone wants; they offer so much functionality and comfort that most people don’t mind sleeping on them. When recliners came into the picture, they replaced a very popular product, which was sofas with footstools. Half the time these footstools used to end up south, as they used to take unnecessary space.

Everyone associates recliners with comfort, but along with comfort people also look after the design and the look of recliners, as they wouldn’t want to keep a big recliner sofa in the middle of their drawing room when it doesn’t even look good or match up with the house décor.

We offer recliners with various types of materials as everyone has different needs. For instance, our leatherette and PU recliners are best for people who want to get more life out of their Recliners or if they have kids or pets, as these materials are easier to clean and lasts long. For people who want maximum comfort and doesn’t want to worry about the life of recliner or about its maintenance, for them we have fabric recliners, these look really chic and provide optimum comfort. At Mosaic, we have a wide range of recliner collection, available under premium to budget pricing.

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